Color Your Kitchen and make your kitchen more sweet

Do you want to freshen up your old kitchen or style a new kitchen?

Choosing color your kitchen can be fun but it also involves big decisions. These decisions will determine how you interact and how much you enjoy your experience in the kitchen. You can liven up a dull kitchen or even calm down a stressful claustrophobic kitchen.

Incorporating color into a kitchen is great and there are so many opportunities within the realms of the kitchen to use u color. It can be used in a bold way as long as it is carefully distributed. It is usually only seen in a few design elements. Color choice can also be seen as commitment in regards to the larger spaces. Such as a large cabinet, counter top or even the painting of the larger areas, like the walls or floor.

Follow this great advice for choosing the right colors for your kitchen

color your kitchen Firstly it’s important to visualize what you hope your kitchen will look like when it is finished. Depending on the size of your kitchen it will help to look through as many images as you can for inspiration. So you can also determine what you are comfortable with and what you desire. Try to notice how the colors make you feel. Go into store where they have model kitchens and see which colors attract you and repel you.

This will give you more of an idea on how to tackle the decision of the main color scheme you want. Color for the accessories and appliances. The kitchen walls or floor can be done with tiles or the common paint job. Or even a combination. A great look is to install new tiles in stylish and fresh designs. Colors just above the kitchen counters or around the edges of the floors. Not only will it look beautiful and colorful but it won’t be overwhelming and the tiles make cleaning the kitchen a breeze.


Keep in mind if you use only tile for color your kitchen choose simple and not too dark designs and colors. Otherwise your kitchen will seem cluttered and chaotic. Another wall color idea is to paint one wall in a bright color and the rest in neutral light colors.

This way you aren’t going over the top with just one color. Colors bring life to any object so if you are going for neutral colors for most part of your kitchen then a bright colorful kitchen appliance or accessory will make the kitchen appear more attractive and fun.


Coloring Idea:

Another easy idea for beautifying a kitchen in a simple way for the larger objects would be to choose a brightly colored and multihued curtain or floor mat available in decorative design. Using color in accessories and elements such knobs and pulls, hanging plates, trimmings and pot rack are also low cost and minimal. Even flowers, jars, vases, pendant light shades, bar stools and pictures are fabulous ways of providing pockets of color.

Do not forget that colors can look different in different lighting layouts (you can read about Cuisinart MCP 12 Multiclad Pro here). Fluorescent or incandescent lighting will affect the whole hue of your kitchen especially if you don’t have much natural light coming. Consider that lighting will affect how you perceive each color. It’s best to go for a lighting plan that will make your kitchen look brighter and more appealing. No one wants to be cooking in a dim, dark and plain kitchen.

Color your kitchen For example:

choosing to add a spotlight above your cooking area could make your kitchen look like a simple. but also will look a stylish studio kitchen. Here’s some great guidelines to follow:

– Go for rich colors on surfaces and accessories if you want strength and interest.

– Bright, bold color will combine well when majority of you kitchen is in neutrals.

– The use of a single color can create a uniform, simple parallel of neutrals and yellow especially when the same tone is used in both the accessories and tiles.

– A single color, seen in a mix of shades creates a fresh and simple design statement yet with added color interest. (Good for tiling on walls or curtains)

– A choice of a color like red for the majority of the kitchen with neutrals in supporting roles

– Using materials like corian, granite, laminates, stainless steel and tiles will add texture and can spice up your kitchen. Whites, grays and blacks to a silver metallic work best.

– For modern and stylish design a color that is strong and bold will work perfectly.

Creative use of colors will get you your kitchen looking superb and chic. Coloring your kitchen is unlimited and can be budget-friendly. The right choice can stimulate your hunger, make cooking more fun or even relax you in your surroundings. Get coloring.


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