Why the Microwave Oven is a Kitchen Necessity

Do you have a microwave oven? If you answered “no,” then you are in the very small minority of homeowners. Who do not have the all-essential microwave stashed somewhere in their kitchen. The microwave oven began its life as a second oven for housewives who could “cook a full meal”. Using this brand new technology which cooked food much faster and easier than a traditional stovetop. Today, the microwave oven has something of a less than stellar reputation—some people dismiss it as a novelty or something that is better suited for employee break rooms than a modern kitchen.

But the microwave oven should not be dismissed so easily. The microwave oven is arguably one of the most important kitchen appliances that you could have—and here’s why.

Reason: The microwave oven warms up food quickly

Let’s say you want to warm up your leftovers from last night’s dinner. If you didn’t have a microwave, you would need either need to warm up each individual food item separately on the stove—with, say, one pot for mashed potatoes and a pan for leftover steak; or, you would need to place the items in oven-safe dishes and place them inside of the oven to be warmed up. Each of these methods will probably take at least 15 minutes—if not longer.

With the microwave, on the other hand, the process couldn’t be quicker. You can fill up your plate with cold leftovers, put them in the microwave, press a button—and in just one to two minutes, your entire plate will be hot enough to eat! All without the need to get out stove or oven-appropriate pans.



Reason: The microwave oven does not take up much space

The microwave oven, contrary to toaster ovens or traditional ovens, takes up relatively little space in the kitchen. Many modern microwave ovens can be placed into above-the-stove alcoves. Which do not take up anything but possible cabinet space; while counter top microwave ovens can be placed in corners or close to the wall to avoid taking up much space.


Reason: The microwave oven can cook food quickly

Although microwaves have the reputation of being simple leftover-heaters. The microwave can actually be used to cook food—not just heat it up. Microwaves can be used to cook everything from meats—like chicken or steak—to side dishes, like baked potatoes and pasta, all the way to desserts and specialties. When the microwave first made its kitchen debut, it was even popular for house wives. Other kitchen savvy families to host “microwave dinner parties” consisting of nothing but food that can be cooked in the microwave!

Of course, cooking in the microwave does take some finesse—it’s important not to overcook foods in the microwave. Especially meats, to avoid getting a rubbery or leather-like texture. But most home cooks can easily adapt to the speed and ease of cooking in a microwave. Which is much less of a hassle than cooking over a traditional stove.

Lynda Smith

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