Getting the Most From An Outdoor Summer Wedding

Getting the Most From An Outdoor Summer Wedding

You can’t get more romantic than a wedding ceremony taking place outdoors. Twinkling lights and hanging greenery invite the guests for a great time. The favorite wedding movies that we’ve viewed in our lives often included alfresco wedding ceremonies and the weather was always perfect with crystal clear skies. Now that the frost is fading here in the east it's time to plan the ultimate summer wedding if you are fortunate to be getting married in that season. The list of preparations is endless, and it all depends on how elaborate your wedding will be, how many people you are inviting, your religious affiliation and how formal you can imagine it being. Your skies might not be crystal clear, or the breeze might not be the exact speed that you have dreamed about, but if you consider the weather in advance there is a very good chance that your wedding will be a day to remember fondly. Of course, we cannot go into every single detail of such an event, but we will try to hit on some general Information to start you going in your plans for the perfect summer affair. 


We all know that we are not in control of the weather; however, a summer wedding planned for late June through August does have a good chance of taking place with favorable weather conditions. There are many factors to a summer wedding that surprisingly are not beyond our control. As long as it is not raining you will be handed precious memories on a silver platter. Although, living in places like California, Arizona and the likes will increase the likelihood of great weather for your special day, we will be concentrating on summer weddings on the East Coast of the United States in this article. 

What makes a summer wedding on the East coast so exciting is the very fact that good weather is limited, and it surely doesn’t hurt to do a bit of hoping and praying to get it right. Beach weddings are romantic however, unless you are fortunate enough to have access to a location on the beach that’s large enough for your crowd, I would recommend planning your wedding at a beach club if you have your heart set on a water venue. The disadvantage here is that there will be the regular club members peeking in on your ceremony and not dressed appropriately. If you are the informal type, it’s not a problem. A close relative of mine had their wedding at a beach club with the ceremony scheduled outdoors. The weather cooperated amazingly but with good weather came members of the beach club who did not leave and stood and watched the ceremony up close. This was quite a formal wedding, and these onlookers could be spotted readily in the photos. In those days cropping was not done as expertly as today, and the photos are disturbed by these casually dressed onlookers. 

Garden weddings are trending today and for good reasons. If you are getting married when your favorite flowers are in full bloom, those gorgeous colors add a lot to the atmosphere you are trying to capture. In fact, the colors of the bridal party's gowns can easily complement the flowers if you find out ahead of time which flowers will be present. A trip to a prestigious florist will ensure that the flowers will go with your color scheme no matter what color you choose to use. 

Keeping Cool at Your Summer Wedding 

With the ceremony taking place outdoors it’s a must to have an abundance of drinks on hand. This is besides the hard liquor and mixed beverages. High temperatures and hot weather can cause dehydration, and no one wants any of their guests fainting from the heat, especially the groom’s grandmother. Soft drinks are better for hydration than hard ones and there are some beautiful ways to display these drinks. For example, there are always new styles of glass beverage dispensers such as 2 gallon glass beverage dispensers. These are so much classier than the plastic ones and give both elegance and comfort to the affair by assuring your guests that whenever they feel the need for a cold refreshing drink it is readily available. Some of these dispensers include ice and fruit infusers. A simple cup of water takes on a whole new look with sliced fruit in the infuser. Colorful fruits such as kiwi and strawberries invite the guests for more than just a cop a of H20. Additionally a beverage dispenser that has stainless steel spigots takes on a whole different character than a similar plastic dispenser with plastic spigots. If you are looking for a dispenser that’s a bit larger there are two and a half gallon ones that include decorative stands that add interest. These beverage dispensers can contain light drinks such as coconut water (which is great in the heat) or sangria. 

Sun Protection 

The choicest time of the day to enjoy a summer outdoor wedding is closer to sunset and during the cooler parts of the day. However, if you have chosen to have your wedding early in the afternoon there are several ways to protect your guests from the sun’s UV waves. If you are privileged to have your wedding set among trees, this greenery will be adequate to give your guests relief from the sun. In case there is not enough shade, don't fret, an open tent will come to the rescue. There, your guests can get away from the sun and still be warm enough. In fact, I know someone who has a shawl draped on each chair at their children’s weddings be it at outdoor or indoor venues. Air conditioning can cause quite a discomfort to sensitive individuals and inexpensive shawls in the color scheme of your choice can be purchased at websites such as Ali Express and Amazon. 

Other inexpensive welcome gifts for your guests are paper fans and sunglasses. Adding these small gestures can make the difference of giving your guests the most enjoyable experience rather than having them run for cover to their cars when they are hot and sundrenched. If you are more extravagant, having a table with available parasols for guests who want relief from the sun is another novel idea. 

Watch Those Hairdos 

No gal one wants to look into the mirror while refreshing herself at the restroom to find her expensively blown hair in disarray from the humidity and wind, especially the bride. Keep the weather in mind when styling the bride and her bridesmaids’ hair. The best and most practical style, of course, would be an updo with tiny wisps of hair hanging down. Not only is this style cool with the neck exposed to catch any gentle wind but the ladies will not have to worry about their hair getting messy. Another option is for the bride to wear her hair down for the ceremony and then have it put up by either her hairstylist or her friends. Try to arrange someone who is experienced at quick hairstyling so that neither the groom nor the guests will be kept waiting long. 


What's great about an outdoor wedding is that the menu can be less formal and light. Since it is warm enough the food does not have to be piping hot to satisfy the crowd. Sushi and pasta salads do well outdoors. Stay clear of real delicate salads that have lots of mayo in them because these salads can spoil easily in the sun, and no one wants their guests to be sick the day after the wedding. Barbeques work well since the food comes fresh off the grill and are always fun. 

Final Words 

An outdoor wedding is pleasing to not only the bride and groom but the guests as well. Make sure to note this venue on the invitation so your guests can dress appropriately. Nothing is as aggravating for a woman as when she gets to the wedding in her stiletto heels and finds out that she will be walking on grass with her heels sinking deeply into the soft earth. On the flip side, getting an invitation to an outdoor wedding with a floral motif is quite exciting to most guests. A hint to your wedding alfresco is the invitation itself. Start with a floral envelope and the inside invitation can stay simple and inexpensive. 

Outdoor weddings can go from simple to extravagant depending on your budget. The summer weather will make any wedding a success if it is planned right. If you are lucky enough to have a competent party planner a lot of the stress will be removed from your hands. But still, it’s important that you explain to your party planner the importance of the physical comfort of your guests. This is more essential than the menu or the color scheme. By including beverage dispensers such as Yorkshire style mason jars liberally in different parts of the outdoor venue, you will be assured that your guests will be well hydrated even if the weather is hot. It could be just plain water or seltzer in a dispenser that is perched on a decorative stand or some more sophisticated drinks such as sangria and coconut water. Remember, the most important thing is that the bride and groom go from their dream wedding to living a long and happy life together.

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