Indestructible Glassware. Smooth Coffee.

Creating the smoothest home solutions with luxurious and honest materials to improve your creativity and at-home comfort.

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1 of 4
  • Cold Brew

    Roasted with love and passion in New Jersey USA. Sourcing the highest quality beans from around the globe, creating the aroma at home you are craving.

  • glass milk bottle

    Milk Containers

    Enjoying fresh milk.

    Farmhouse style thick glass bottles, pitchers and jugs. Beautiful and functional kitchenware.

  • kitchentoolz kombucha

    Home Brewing

    Spend time with your loved ones, experimenting with at-home fermentation. Easy to use kits and accessories made of the strongest materials and ingredients.

  • Canning

    Making food prep a way of life.

    US made strong glass. Keeping your ingredients fresher for longer periods of time. Storing ingredients neatly.