The 32 Ounce Clear Glass Bottle with Plastic Dispensing Pump

The 32 Ounce Clear Glass Bottle with Plastic Dispensing Pump

We all have our favorite kitchen cleaning products. Some of us prefer powdered Cascade for our dishwasher, some people like the liquid and others like the individual pods. I love products like Goo Gone, which has a nice citrusy smell and I have been successful in removing adhesive on my counters from tape and other sticky items. But the last time I used this product, I opened the bottle there and there was no spout on the bottle causing the contents to spill all over the floor. 

This product has a somewhat oily feel when it spills, and I was concerned that someone might slip on the floor after I wiped off the remnants of the spill. It’s ironic to have to take time to clean up from a product that’s very definition is to clean. 

I happen to come across a picture of clear glass bottles with plastic dispensing pumps specifically the thirty-two-ounce size. What if I would purchase those classy bottles and transfer the Goo gone to such a dispenser? My cleaning time would be cut in half since I would not have to worry about another accidental spill. 

While researching the web for a bottle of this size, I came across a pair of these bottles and my imagination started working. What if I could put all my kitchen cleaning fluids in these stylish bottles and display them on my counters? Wow! That sure would be snazzy and more importantly I would have my cleaners at my fingertips saving lots of time and bending. To tell you the truth my biological clock is not going backwards and any time that I could avoid bowing down to my under-sink cabinet is time well saved with the bonus reward of no aching spine. 

Yes, a really good quality dispenser can cost over ten dollars apiece however, glass is always clean and sanitary and consistently looks clear. Glass articles can last quite a long time as long as they are not put in the dishwasher. A quality item such as a glass dispenser will not clog or break if you look for one that is durably made. 

You may be wondering what’s wrong with a Windex spray bottle or a Fantastik one? I think you can probably answer this question yourself without waiting for the answer to come from this writer. Yes, Costco sells one full bottle of Windex together with a large refill bottle. But realistically how long until the spray bottle becomes empty, and it needs refilling? It is so annoying when you are in the mood for a real good cleaning spurt only to get your sprayer clogged, on empty or just not functioning. 

Another reason to think about glass dispensing is this question. How much space will the plastic bottle of cleaning fluid that you throw out each time occupy in a landfill? Or will your plastic bottle end up floating around in the ocean until some poor sea creature gets a hold of it?

We know there is a great big campaign out there to stop the use of disposable plastic and New Jersey has just joined the club of banning plastic supermarket bags. There are some companies that claim that they recycle empty plastic cleaning fluid containers, however, this expensive recycling accounts for only a very minute amount of the garbage that is accumulated by the haphazard disposal of plastic trash. 

You might have seen a neighbor or friend's kitchen set up with clear glass bottles with plastic dispensers. If the dispenser is of a high quality, it will last for quite a long time and not end up so quickly in a landfill that eventually turns into a park where innocent children play not realizing they are on top of a pile of unhealthy plastic. 

Let us plan how we would set up this new way of containing our frequently used kitchen cleaning products. The list below is my personal one with some examples of how I would fill my new clear glass bottles. 

1) Goo Gone: After using Fantastik and Windex to remove assorted grime my next go to is Goo-gone. There is something about this mild product that just cuts through glues and adhesives in a mild and thorough manner. I prefer to pump some of this precious liquid on a paper towel or cloth and then rub it directly on the soiled spot. For me it is a more effective cleaning method than spraying directly on the spot, since by spraying you end up wasting the product and it spreads to areas where it is not needed. 

2) Windex: There are so many uses for this product other than just cleaning windows. It works efficiently on my new conduction stove top, and it is not abrasive. (No electric appliance top or keyboard should be sprayed only wiped with a cloth dampened with either water or other appropriate cleaner.) A lot of the product is wasted when it is sprayed, and a dispenser is a safer way of cleaning when children are present, and they do not have to inhale the Windex as it is sprayed. 

3) Fantastik: There is no way to accurately describe the uses for this reliable cleaner. The only place that it is not advisable to use is on clear glass and mirrors that we exclusively save for Windex or some other brand of window cleaner. 

4) Liquid Dish Soap: Yes, there are still some people who use real dishes and do not put on the dishwasher unless there is a full load. A beautiful clear bottle of your favorite brand of liquid soap near the sink does not detract from even the most modern and elegant kitchen. How many times have you left that old fashioned liquid soap bottle on the counter and forget to put it under the sink? It is true that there are soap dispensers that can attach to your sink, but they are not so practical for the simple reason is you cannot tell when they need to be refilled. When a person is in a hurry to wash up their dishes, pots and flatware after dinner they don’t want to be busy filling up the soap dispenser. This will not happen with your glass dispenser on your counter. When it is half empty you can fill it at your leisure. 

5) Hand Lotion: Some hard-working kitchen devotees do not have the luxury of hired help and still have the hands of royalty. Rubber gloves are great but there are some people who like the real feel of things and find that gloves are not for them. These are the people who are prone to dry skin when exposed to too much water especially if they do not dry their hands properly. It’s quite inviting to rub your hands with your favorite hand lotion after being busy in the kitchen before going into the den to wind down, read a book or check the emails. There are some boutique lotion companies out there whose lotions have many different smells and you can find the right one that will relax your spirit. Some people like lemon scent, others enjoy peppermint or cinnamon. Each person will have a different scent that will put them in a good mood. 


No one has yet invented a way to circumvent the daily kitchen grind. Oh no, supper again, is a universal call for help from many busy men and women. It is so important to make our kitchens come alive and as inviting as possible. Some of us love knickknacks and others hate the clutter, but no one would call a cleaning fluid bottle a knick-knack whether you like them or not. Most of us cannot just put in a new kitchen to make it more inviting for us to work in. What we can do is make small changes in the room that we spend so much of our time in. Little tweaks can make a difference in the ease in which we clean our kitchens along with saving us some precious time. 

A clear glass bottle with a plastic dispenser in a size that fits your needs can spruce up even the simplest kitchen. We have mentioned one way to make use of these up-to-date bottles for use with your favorite cleaning fluids, but these practical containers have multiple uses around the home. You can use them in your guest bathroom and guest bedroom room as well, making your guests feel pampered and appreciated. When you are invited to a friend or relative overnight it is such a pleasure when your basic needs are presented to you on a silver platter (even if the platter is not silver). No one wants to bother their hosts especially late at night when their hands are chapped and hurting for a bottle of lotion or the missing soap in the bathroom. By catering respectively and lovingly to those who travel to be with you, you are showing yourself as a caring and considerate individual who is really happy to see your guests whether you invited them, or they volunteered themselves to come. 

Whether it’s in the kitchen, the guest room or any other place in your home, clear glass bottles can make a nice difference in presenting any product. Also remember that they are the perfect gift to bring when you are lucky enough to be the one who is the guest.

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