The Different Varieties of Flavors You Can Imbue in Your Kombucha Products

The Different Varieties of Flavors You Can Imbue in Your Kombucha Products

Kombucha is a popular fermented beverage that is based on beneficial yeast and bacteria. This drink is good for the digestive system and our health in general. In the recent period, more and more people are buying specially designed kombucha kits in order to prepare kombucha on their own. If you want to become a kombucha brewer, you should know that there is a wide range of flavors that brewers can imbue in their kombucha drinks. In this article, we will analyze some of the most popular flavors.

Roseberry flavor

Even though we are talking about Roseberry flavor, this is actually a mixture that consists of rose hips, rose petals and elderberries. Each of these flavors has a beautiful refreshing taste and brings many different benefits to the user. For instance, the rose petals act as a natural mild sedative with calming effects. In addition, the elderberries are here to enhance respiratory health while the rose hips can good for the immune system because they are loaded with vitamin C. Roseberry kombucha is ideal for the winter season.

Cacao/Maca combination

If you want to get a sweet and healthy kombucha, you should opt for a combination of maca powder and raw cacao powder. The ratio between these two ingredients is 1:1. Cacao is a known antioxidant while maca powder has slightly different properties. This powder helps the adrenal function and at the same time, it boosts energy – both physical and mental.

Special chocolate

Those looking for a way to spice up their kombucha can also check the special chocolate flavor based on lucuma and raw cacao powder. In case you didn’t know, lucuma is a very healthy fruit that grows naturally in South America. This fruit is rich in B vitamins and beta-carotene. On the other hand, raw cacao powder is a good source of magnesium. As you are probably aware, this is an essential mineral that plays important role in bone strengthening.

Apple pie

Now here’s another flavor that you should try when you are preparing kombucha. The best option is to use chai spice and slices of fresh apples. Thanks to raw apples, you will be able to balance blood sugar levels. In addition, you will also improve good bacteria in the large intestine. After all, this is one of the main reasons why people use kombucha in the first place. A small amount of chai spice can help you boost blood circulation and enhance digestion in general.


This is a combination that we can often see in some teas, but it turns out that it works great on kombucha too. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that hibiscus has an ability to stabilize blood pressure. This spice is also rich in vitamin C, a useful antioxidant. Additionally, the presence of ginger will help you support the process of digestion. Both hibiscus and ginger have a unique flavor which makes them ideal for people who want to trigger their senses.


It seems that peaches and mint make another great combo when it comes to preparing kombucha. It’s very easy to get this special flavor. Simply use some chopped dried (or fresh) peaches and a small amount of fresh mint. This is the perfect combo for the summer days because this peach and mint mixture in your kombucha will make you feel refreshed.


Some people may find this suggestion a little bit odd, but the truth is that they work great together. When basic is added to strawberry, the sweet taste of strawberries is emphasized even more. Keep in mind that it is possible to make other combination with basic and similar fruits. It might be a smart move to try it with other berries.


Here’s another unlikely duo that works great in kombucha. If you take equal parts of pineapple and anise, you will get a flavor that will remind you of tropical areas. This is a strong taste that has a sweet note that will keep you coming back for more.


We will end this list of flavors that you can imbue in your kombucha with a cilantro and watermelon mix. The best option is to rely on fresh cilantro and watermelon juice. The sweetness of watermelons tastes even better when it’s mixed with the special flavor of cilantro.

Hopefully, this list of popular flavors for kombucha-based on spices, herbs, and fruits, will inspire you and help you create some unique, memorable tastes.

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