What Makes Coffee So Popular

What Makes Coffee So Popular

It is one of the most magnificent drinks ever known to mankind and some of us just can't wait for our next cup, coffee is the unifying brew for people all over the world. So, what makes it so special and what is the cause for coffee’s unsurpassed popularity? From academic journals to just plain old logic, we will review a handful of reasons as to what makes coffee so beloved to everyone. 

Coffee Linked to Longer Life - UK Biobank

Over the course of a ten-year period between 2006 to 2016 approximately 9.2 million residents in the United Kingdom were invited to partake in a study that evaluated the association between coffee and mortality. The study looked to see if there was any correlation that drinking coffee is linked to living a longer life. Out of the 9.2 million that were invited to partake in the study, a half a million people were analyzed that drank between 1 to 8 cups of coffee daily.  They had proven that indeed coffee drinking can be part of a healthy diet and can slow their risks for early death

The study was done to disprove the negative perception that drinking coffee religiously is not good for one's health. But researchers actually found out that people who drink multiple cups of coffee everyday actually outlived those who did not incorporate the brew into their daily diet. This included hardcore coffee addicts that had 8 or more cups of coffee in the day and found that it does not have a negative impact on life expectancy. However, many studies have shown that coffee drinkers with common genetic polymorphisms affecting caffeine metabolism may be at increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The study conducted by UK Biobank has identified that coffee consumption directly correlates to mortality and the findings were that drinking coffee religiously has a positive impact on mortality. Studies can be confusing but what we can take out from this study is that incorporating coffee into your daily diet is good for you. 

Coffee Health Benefits in The Morning

Coffee in the morning has become a social practice ever since its inception way back in the 15th century. Besides the caffeine element that helps wake us up there are other health benefits to starting off the day with your favorite brew. As for those that have not adapted the practice of having a cup of coffee in the morning, they may just begin after reviewing the health perks of coffee in the AM below. 

Boosts Metabolism

One of the great things about coffee is that it can help you lose weight by boosting your metabolism. Every bean of coffee is packed with natural caffeine that helps stimulate weight loss. After all those months of being inside due to nationwide lockdowns, who can't lose a few pounds?  Interestingly enough, caffeine is one of the main ingredients in all weight-loss supplements that you see advertised during all those late-night TV shows. With a cup of coffee in the morning you can get the caffeine boost your body needs to help shed the weight you have gained from being indoors during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reduces Depression

Ever had the opportunity to open a fresh bag of coffee grounds? There is something so special about it that coffee bag retailers will inject a scent into the bag that will occupy the leftover air space at the top of the package. When you open up the seal there is a sense of peacefulness as you take in the scent of freshly ground coffee. Part of the hardship for many during the coronavirus pandemic was the fact that they were not able to smell the essence of freshly ground and brewed coffee. 

All of the aura that comes with a cup of coffee can help fight off depression. It brings to an individual a sense of calm that helps to relieve anxiety which is the major contributor to depression. In a world that has gone mad and gives us all little time for focus it’s important that we capitalize on the small things, like a cup of coffee in the morning that helps us calm down. It is much cheaper than the alternative which is an expensive session with a social worker or therapist.

Great For the Heart

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine multiple studies have shown how drinking coffee is great for cardiovascular health. The properties found in coffee grounds are full of nutrients that help the heart pump strongly and reduce the risk for problems like heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, and Alzheimer’s. Often, it’s a weak heart that leads to these diseases and consuming liquids that can help it pump stronger will allow for excellent blood circulation. 

As with everything in the food pyramid too much of something is not good and can offset the benefits of the nutrients that a specific food brings. For coffee, too many cups can increase heart rate, raise blood pressure, bring on anxiety, and make it difficult to fall asleep. It’s common knowledge that those things can lead to the same diseases that the right amount of coffee can help ward off. Very often one will find that in every elixir there is some element that too much of it can actually harm. Therefore, make sure to drink coffee responsibly so you can take the health benefits without overdosing on its medicinal substances.

Improves Memory

People of all ages will get frustrated when they can’t remember a name, specific word, or place. As for seniors it gets even more frustrating when it's happening all too often. Just last week I was having a conversation with a client and for the life of me I could not remember a word to help explain something complicated. Humans can use many natural supplements to help boost their memory and coffee has compounds that can help with that. 

Adenosine is a compound that is found in caffeine that provides a calming effect to the body's blood. Often doctors will prescribe it as a drug to help treat an irregular heartbeat as it will relax and dilate the blood vessels. When a person drinks a cup of coffee organic adenosine gets infused into the brain and norepinephrine and dopamine get released. These are the same neurological stimulators that are triggered when someone hears good news or sees something that is attractive. Norepinephrine and dopamine also are contributors to sustaining healthy memory at any age. Next time you find yourself struggling to remember something try having a cup of coffee. 

Coffee Brings People Together

One of the things we need in the world today more than ever is unity and coffee can make that happen. With all of the gadgets in our home we find ourselves being busier than ever before. It used to be that most of our day was keeping the house running and being busy with our chores. But now all that is taken care of and we should have plenty of time on reserve for things like socializing or relaxing. But we all know that is not the case and with all the technology our lives have become very stressful. 

Drinking coffee in the morning provides the opportunity for couples to spend time together before the demands of the day begin. The mug is almost like an anchor to a ship that keeps us grounded until we are down to the last drop. Similarly, people will gather at cafés to enjoy a morning brew and will keep the conversation to something light and calm as they appreciate each other's company. The moments we have together should not be taken for granted. It was not too long ago that we couldn't see our friends in person, or their faces were hidden behind a mask. Let us capitalize on these coffee moments more often and make our world a better place.

Final Words

There are many reasons as to what makes coffee so popular. Maybe it’s just because it tastes so great or perhaps it’s because it provides many health benefits. Maybe it brings couples and friends together in the morning and supports their comradery. Let’s just say that a cup of your favorite warm or cold coffee brew is a combination all crammed into that short eight-ounce mug. Coffee has been around ever since the 15th century and continues to support society in many different ways. Perhaps holding a cup of coffee gives us an excuse to pause throughout the day. It’s no wonder why corporate America calls it a “coffee break”; the coffee plays a major role and calming effect in our busy workdays. We can keep it a secret if you take a coffee break on Saturday and Sundays too. The society that we live in is very demanding and it’s important that we take mindful vacations to ward off the stress. Once you have found your favorite brew and mug make those moments happen more often. You will find that you will be both more productive throughout the day and more relaxed. Just make sure to always consume the right amount of coffee that is beneficial for your health. Cheers!

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