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1 Gallon Glass Kombucha Jar

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  • PERFECT WAY TO START: This kit has almost everything you need to brew & ferment your own kombucha or any tea.mason-style  glass jar comes with a cotton cheese cloth lid, and elastic band.
  • EASY FILTER: The pure cotton cheesecloth keeps dirt, fruit flies, bugs and other particles from getting into your jar, while allowing air to come into the jar. A rubber band keeps it in place.
  • GLASS IS BEST: Using a glass bottle like this one is better for the flavor of the beverages you are brewing, and it doesn't contain BPA or other toxins that other plastic containers may have.
  • HOMEMADE KOMBUCHA: Making home made kombucha is more fun, ensures you have the healthiest, most nutritious ingredients, and it's much cheaper than costly store bought versions.
  • STORAGE JAR: Aside from brewing and fermenting kombucha tea, you can use this as a storage jar to keep grains, legumes and other liquids in your fridge, pantry, or on your counter top.