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1 Gallon Glass Large Mason Jar - Metal Lids

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1 Gallon Glass Large Mason Jar Set with Metal Lids

Unlock a world of possibilities with the 1 Gallon Glass Large Mason Jar Set with Metal Lids. This set includes two spacious mason jars, each holding 1 gallon, equipped with your choice of BPA-free approved metal lids in white, gold, or black.

Complete Set of Two Jars

Experience the convenience of this set which contains two large mason jars, each with a generous 1-gallon capacity. The easy-to-twist BPA-free approved metal lids in your chosen color make sealing and storing hassle-free.

Versatile Uses

These 1-gallon glass jars are incredibly versatile, suitable for a range of purposes. From kombucha brewing and sun tea to canning and pickling, they're equally well-suited for storing dry goods like cereal, legumes, and pasta.

Generous Dimensions

Measuring 10" tall with a 4" wide opening, these jars provide ample space for your culinary and storage needs. The wide mouth design makes them perfect for canning whole fruits and vegetables or accessing contents with ease.

Embrace Healthy Trends

With the 2-Pack KitchenToolz Wide Mouth Gallon (128 oz) Kombucha Jar, you can embark on the journey of brewing your own kombucha right in your kitchen. This trend is not only healthful but also enjoyable to prepare and savor.

Superior Craftsmanship

Our 1 Gallon capacity glass jar features a 110 mm (110-400) continuous thread finish. Crafted with a clean-cut look and profound clarity, this jar combines aesthetic appeal with superior quality craftsmanship.

Metal Lined Plastisol Lids

The included metal lids are available in your choice of white, gold, or black. These metal caps are versatile and well-suited for liquid products and general-purpose closure.

Fermenting and Preserving

KitchenToolz Jars excel in brewing and fermenting wine, beer, kombucha, kefir, teas, and more. Keep your contents safe from external elements for extended periods with these dependable jars.

Elevate your kitchen experience with the 1 Gallon Glass Large Mason Jar Set with Metal Lids. Choose your preferred lid color and experience quality, convenience, and functionality with Kitchentoolz.

Get your set today and redefine your storage and brewing options.