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32oz Glass Spray Bottle

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Extra Large Glass Spray Bottles for Gardening - 32 oz Reusable Containers for Water Plant Misting and Atomization, Hairdressing, Window and Carpet Cleaning Solution by kitchentoolz

  • EXTRA LARGE: These super large glass bottles have a capacity of 32 ounces = 1 Liter, and are designed for holding your chemicals and water solutions without having to refill them frequently.
  • SILICONE BASE COVER: The removable rubber sleeve on the bottle base creates a non-slip grip to protect your glass bottle from breakage while giving it a multi-color appearance.
  • 3 STAGE NOZZLE SETTING: Depending on your needs you can choose from fine mist, jet stream or locked so these sprayer bottles can be used for multiple applications
  • STRONG GLASS: Custom designed with the strongest glass material to withhold from scrapes, chips, and cracks. These thick-walled bottles will uphold wear and tear from gardening, cleaning, and any industrial use.
  • KITCHENTOOLZ BRAND: We have created an eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing bottle so you can keep them out in the open, on your countertop, shelves, vanity, or in a salon setting.
  • INCLUDES A funnel for easy refilling and pouring, airtight closure lids for storing contents, and multi-color silicone non-slip grip holder sleaves for the base of each bottle so the bottle contents can be identified easily.