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33mm Plastic Pumps for 32 oz Boston Bottles 33-400

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33mm Plastic Pumps for 32 oz Boston Bottles 33-400

33mm Plastic Pumps for 32 oz Boston Bottles 33-400

Elevate your dispensing experience with our 33mm Plastic Pumps, specially designed for 32oz Boston Round Bottles with a 33-400 neck finish. At Kitchentoolz, we prioritize quality and functionality to enhance your everyday routines.

Product Features:

  • Fits 32oz Boston Round Bottles: Our plastic pumps are tailored to fit perfectly on 32oz Boston Round Bottles, providing a convenient dispensing solution for various liquids and substances.
  • Pump Output Per Stroke: Each pump delivers a consistent output of 4cc per stroke, ensuring accurate and controlled dispensing every time.
  • Versatile Usage: These pumps are ideal for dispensing lotions, soaps, oils, sauces, and more. Whether you're in the kitchen, bathroom, or elsewhere, these pumps provide a practical solution for various applications.
  • Food Safe and Medical Grade: Rest assured that our plastic pumps meet food safety standards and are crafted with medical-grade materials, making them suitable for a wide range of uses.
  • Designed for Kitchentoolz Bottles: Our pumps were created specifically for Kitchentoolz 32oz Glass Boston Round Growler Bottles with a 33mm wide opening, ensuring a secure and reliable fit.

Enhance your dispensing convenience with our 33mm Plastic Pumps for 32oz Boston Bottles. From lotions to sauces, these pumps provide a reliable and efficient way to access your desired liquids while maintaining product quality and hygiene.

At Kitchentoolz, we are dedicated to designing quality products that meet your needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.