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1 Gallon Glass Large Mason Jar - Plastic Lids

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Pack of 2 Jars

1 Gallon Glass Jar Set with Plastic Lids

Experience the convenience and versatility of our 1 Gallon Glass Jar Set with Plastic Lids. This set includes two jars designed to cater to various needs, all while maintaining quality and usability.

Convenient Set of Two Jars

With this set, you'll receive two 1-gallon glass jars with plastic lids. These BPA-free approved caps are easy to twist on, providing a secure seal while remaining user-friendly.

Multifunctional Uses

Our 1-gallon glass jars are perfect for a variety of purposes. From kombucha brewing and sun tea to canning and pickling, they're also suitable for storing dry goods such as cereal, legumes, and pasta. The plastic caps offer a non-corroding alternative to metal lids.

Generous Dimensions

Each jar measures 10" tall with a 4" wide opening. The wide mouth design facilitates easy access, making them ideal for canning whole fruits and vegetables or using them for various culinary needs.

Fermenting and Preserving

Kitchentoolz Jars are your reliable companions when it comes to brewing and fermenting beverages like wine, beer, kombucha, kefir, and teas. They keep contents safe from external elements for extended periods.

All-Purpose Kitchen Tool

These jars are versatile and commonly used for pickles, pickled eggs, kombucha, and bulk storage items. Their wide range of applications makes them an essential addition to your kitchen.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning these jars is a breeze. Simply wash them by hand in warm, soapy water or place them in the dishwasher for quick and safe cleaning. Remember to wash the lids by hand.


Height: 9.95 inches
Label Panel: 6.22 inches
Diameter: 6.10 inches
Capacity: 128 oz.

Discover the convenience and functionality of the 1 Gallon Glass Jar Set with Plastic Lids. Whether for preserving, storing, or brewing, these jars are designed to meet your needs with quality craftsmanship.

Get your set today and redefine your storage and culinary experiences with Kitchentoolz.