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Birch Glen Roasters

Birch Glen Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher Packs - Medium Roast

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Birch Glen Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher Packs - Medium Roast

Birch Glen Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher Packs - Medium Roast

Discover a revolutionary way to enjoy the famous Birch Glen cold brew coffee with our innovative Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher Packs.

The Future of Cold Brew

Say goodbye to the hassle of cold brew machines and intricate filter systems. Our Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher Packs have transformed the way you enjoy cold brew coffee.


  • Skip the Cold Brew Machines: With our easy-to-use filter packs, you can savor the iconic Birch Glen cold brew experience without the need for a cold brew dispenser or complex filters.
  • Medium Roast Delight: Immerse yourself in the super smooth and full-bodied flavor delivered by our 100% Arabica coarse ground coffee. Roasted to perfection in our small-batch roaster located in New Jersey.
  • Your Perfect Brew: Customize your cold brew to your liking. Simply place our pitcher packs in your preferred pitcher, mason jar, or canteen. Add your desired amount of water to control the strength and create your ideal cold brew profile.
  • Seal in Freshness: Each package includes 4 pitcher packs, producing 2 full pitchers of robust cold brew. Our resealable outer bag preserves the freshness between batches, ensuring that every sip is as satisfying as the first.

The Masters of Low Acidity Cold Brew

Trust in Birch Glen Roasters, renowned for crafting low acidity cold brew coffee that captivates your taste buds and elevates your coffee moments.

The Birch Glen Roasters Story

At Birch Glen Roasters, we take immense pride in our craft. Born in the heart of New Jersey, our microbrewery is dedicated to producing the finest cold brew coffee. Our journey began with a passion for delivering exceptional coffee experiences.

Through meticulous roasting and careful blending, we've mastered the art of creating cold brew that is smooth, bold, and full of flavor. Our commitment to quality is reflected in every sip, and we're excited to share our passion with you.

Elevate your cold brew experience with Birch Glen Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher Packs. It's a revolution in simplicity, flavor, and convenience.