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Borosilicate Glass Casserole Dish with Divider - Pack of 2

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Divided Glass Casserole Dish- Rectangular Bakeware Set 2.3 Qt Each, Oven to Table Clear Glass Baking Pie Dish with Divider
  • Convenient Glass Divider: Prep your multi dish meals in one convenient tray. This allows the flavors of each dish to bake and be stored without crossing flavors.
  • Made from Tempered Glass: kitchentoolz oven glass pan can withstand temperatures between 483° F and -40° F without thermal shock. This dish can be transferred directly from your freezer to your oven, great casserole dish for meal prep and food transporting
  • Versatile Dish: A single pan to prep, bake, seve and refrigerate and to reheat any meal. Ideal for baking casseroles, meat loaves, veggies, and fish. Alo the perfect solution for freezing multiple flavor ice cream logs. Lowering oven temperature with 25° is recommended when using glass trays and pans
  • Glass is Safer: Glass baking dishes are healthier than metal and plastic, Nonpourous glass won't warp, stain or absorb any food flavors and scents.
  • Tight Fitting Lids: Each casserole dish includes a tight fitting lid to keep your food fresher longer.