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Gallon Glass Pump Dispenser Bottle

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Large Gallon Jug with Pump for Laundry Soap Dispenser, Liquid Detergent, Fabric Softener, Syrup Pump - 128 oz Capacity

  • QUALITY: Jar made in the USA with thick-walled crystal clear flint glass - Heavy-Duty glass to withhold the wear and tear of everyday use.
  • FEATURES: Eye-loop grab handle for easy grab and go maneuvering. The wide-base bottom will minimize bottle tipping and spilling.
  • CAPACITY AND DIMENSIONS: This jug holds 128 fluid ounces which equals a full gallon. 6" Diameter base and 14" total height with pump.
  • PUMP FEATURES: Unassuming classy pump with industrial-strength putting out 4cc flow per pump stroke.
  • USED IN: Restaurants, salons, coffee bars, laundry rooms, and for kitchen sinks