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Glass Laundry Pod Holder - Metal Lid

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Versatile Storage: This multi-functional container is tailor-made for storing laundry necessities. From powder detergent to detergent pods, scent boosters, and even clothespins, this jar provides ample space to keep everything neatly organized and easily accessible.

Premium Glass Construction: Crafted from high-quality glass, this jar is designed to withstand the test of time. Its durable build ensures longevity while offering a crystal-clear view of the contents within, enabling you to effortlessly monitor your supply levels.

Airtight Stainless Steel Lid: Bid farewell to clumpy or damp detergent woes! The stainless steel airtight lid forms a secure seal, effectively blocking out moisture and air. This preserves the quality and freshness of your laundry products, ensuring their potency and effectiveness for extended periods.

Chic Farmhouse Appeal: Infuse your laundry room or kitchen with a dash of elegance. The minimalist design, complemented by the sophisticated stainless steel lid, adds a touch of farmhouse charm to any decor. It's not just a container; it's a statement piece for your home.

Limitless Applications: Beyond laundry organization, this jar's versatility knows no bounds. Use it for storing pet treats, bulk pantry items, or as a decorative centerpiece filled with your favorite adornments. It adapts seamlessly to your needs, creating a clutter-free and organized space wherever you place it.

Add a touch of sophistication and functionality to your home with the Gallon Glass Laundry Pod and Powder Holder by Kitchentoolz. Experience the convenience of organized living while adding a stylish accent to your space.

Dimensions: 6.5 in Diameter x 9.5 in Height

Capacity: 1 Gallon