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Live Kombucha SCOBY Starter Culture with Starter Tea

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About This Product:

SCOBY is an acronym for Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast

  • You will receive¬†1 medium sized SCOBY with approximately 1/2 cup starter tea
  • Duo seal for your convenience and safety to protect the product from outer elements and spilling.
  • Created to be used for up to 1 Gallon batches¬†of Kombucha brewing
  • After your first¬†successful batch, you may see a new baby SCOBY created
  • When opening your fresh SCOBY be careful that your hands are clean as well as all utensils being used for brewing
  • Best to use vinegar based solution to clean hands and utensils, as Anti-bacterial soaps can counteract against the healthy bacterial components needed in your SCOBY to help create a perfect kombucha brew
  • Never leave your kombucha tea or SCOBY in direct sunlight so as not to damage yeast components
  • This Kitchentoolz SCOBY is created with all Natural ingredients
  • Made in a clean and safe environment using only the finest all-natural ingredients we provide you with a high-quality culture that will make you a delicious brew.
  • Enjoy A Fun & Healthy Hobby while saving money compared to the store bought Kombucha drinks


With the Kitchentoolz Live SCOBY Culture, you can enjoy brewing your own kombucha right from your very own kitchen. The nutritional benefits are endless and it's fun to prepare as it is to savor.


PLEASE NOTE: The size and color of each SCOBY will vary since this is made from natural materials