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Silicone Pour Spout for 48MM Glass Milk Bottles

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Silicone Pour Spout for 48MM Bottles - Milk Jug Pop-on Tight Fit No-Drip Pouring Spout with Storing Cap for Kitchentoolz Milk Bottles for Refrigerator


Kitchentoolz Milk Bottle Pour Spout Nozzle 48mm - a game-changer for your glass jugs and carafes! Our Pack of 6 Silicone Pour Spout Nozzles are designed to perfectly complement and enhance your KitchenToolz 48mm bottles, offering unparalleled convenience and functionality.

  • Universal Fit Crafted to flawlessly fit all KitchenToolz 48mm bottles, this Silicone Pour Spout Nozzle ensures seamless compatibility with our glass milk bottles. Whether you need a replacement or desire a spare pour lid, this versatile accessory covers all bases, delivering an indispensable addition to your kitchen arsenal.

    Leak-Proof Marvel Bid farewell to messy pouring experiences! The tight-fit, no-drip pouring spout guarantees a spill-free journey for your milk or juice from bottle to glass. Revel in worry-free pouring, keeping your kitchen countertops and dining table impeccably clean.

    Preserve Freshness Keep your milk as fresh as ever with our pour cap cover. Acting as a sturdy seal, it safeguards your milk in the refrigerator, preventing unwanted odors from infiltrating the bottle. Say hello to consistently delightful and flavorsome milk, every pour.

    Kid-Friendly Design Empower your little ones to handle pouring with ease. The thoughtfully designed pour spout ensures effortless pouring, making it a perfect fit for children to manage. Parents can relax knowing that breakfast or dinner pours are mess-free, thanks to this kid-friendly feature.

    Effortless Storage We've got you covered even when it's time to stow away. Each pack includes a cap for the spout, serving as a dual-purpose guardian. It not only keeps the spout pristine during storage but also prevents accidental spills, elevating the overall usability of the Silicone Pour Spout Nozzle as an indispensable kitchen tool.